About us

We are committed to providing the best therapeutic support available to those struggling with mental health issues so that everyone can live their best possible life. With millions of people in the UK, and across the globe, suffering from anxiety, depression and stress-related conditions of all kinds, the need is immense. The crises facing the Earth right now are not only fuelling much of that anxiety, but mean there is simply no time to waste.

We work with a diverse range of accredited talk therapists across the UK, all of whom have a wealth of experience helping people navigate their way back to health and wholeness. Whether you want to tackle a very particular issue, gain some coping tools, or take time to explore deeper layers of the self, we can provide an experienced professional who can really listen to what's going on for you - without judgement, with an open heart and in total confidence.

How it works

How it works

Ready to book an initial talk therapy session? Simply call us, in confidence, on 0330 043 0343 - or use our online contact form, which you'll find by clicking below, and we'll call you back at a convenient time. After running through some basic questions to find out what's happening for you, and what you want to get from talk therapy, we'll suggest an appropriate therapist and tell you a little bit about them. If you feel happy to meet for a first appointment, we'll set up the booking for you.

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