Face-to-face psychotherapy and counselling

It takes courage to decide to begin therapy, and initially face-to-face psychotherapy or counselling can feel daunting, even scary. But for many people, face-to-face therapy is the most reassuring and grounding therapeutic environment of all.

We are social creatures, so simply being in the presence of an open-hearted, empathic, nonjudgemental human being can be hugely healing in itself. In a way, talking is extra. Knowing that you're in a safe, confidential space, being seen for who you really are, and feeling deeply heard -these are the important elements offered by face-to-face psychotherapy and counselling.

Whether you're struggling with anxiety or depression, need support with relationship problems or simply want to bring more meaning and creativity into your life, face-to-face talk therapy may be the path for you.

How it works

Our experienced talk therapists and counsellors can also help with the following:

  • Feeling alone and lost
  • Issues with self-esteem, confidence & assertivenes
  • Overwhelming emotion
  • Addictions
  • Problems with sadness, anger or shame
  • Obsessive thinking, paranoia & compulsive behaviour
  • Life transitions
  • Panic attacks
  • Recovery from trauma & abuse