How it works

How it works

Ready to book an initial talk therapy session? Simply call us, in confidence, on 0330 043 0343 - or use our online contact form, which you'll find by clicking below, and we'll call you back at a convenient time.

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After running through some basic questions to find out what's happening for you, and what you want to get from talk therapy, we'll suggest an appropriate therapist and tell you a little bit about them. If you feel happy to meet for a first appointment, we'll set up the booking for you. You pay in advance for your session via a secure link that we send to you by email. After your initial appointment we'll arrange a follow-up phone call to find out how the session went and discuss whether you would like to book further sessions. Again, all conversations take place in the strictest confidence.


You may decide that you'd like to meet with more than one therapist before choosing who to work with.

This is perfectly okay — therapy of any kind is a commitment to your own wellbeing and so the connection between you and your therapist needs to feel right.

It may turn out — particularly if you opt for Single Session Therapy — that one session of talk therapy is enough to clear your head, lift your spirits and get you moving in the right direction again.