Single Session Therapy

Single Session Therapy is an immediate and highly focussed service that can be offered in person, online or by telephone. It isn't limited to one session and one session only, but aims to provide as much help as possible in just one session. More sessions are always available if needed.

Perhaps a sudden event has knocked you sideways? Maybe you're tired of wrestling with an emotional problem that just won't let you move on. If you feel ready to focus on finding a workable way forward — and you don't want to, or are unable to, engage with ongoing talk therapy or long-term counselling - Single Session Therapy may be what you're looking for.

Getting the right help when you need it can often make all the difference. Seeking therapy doesn't mean that there's something wrong — it actually means that there's something right!

How it works

If you're ready to make a change, Single Session Therapy may be the missing element that can help you focus on exactly what you need to do in order to get on with your life.

As well as offering highly focussed Single Session Therapy, the Talking Place also provides open-ended psychotherapy and counselling (in person, online and by telephone) so that everybody has a range of options to choose from, and everyone can access the right support as quickly as possible, without any additional stress.

If you'd like to make a booking with a talk therapist, simply give us a quick call today on 0330 043 0343, or use our online contact form which you'll find by clicking below.

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